RebornAgain for YouTube

RebornAgain for YouTube

By YouTube (tweaked by ApprehensiveWill1)

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I decided to immortalize YouTubeReborn as RebornAgain: a sideloadable app that even unjailbroken users could manage to install on their phones to take advantage of all of the unique YouTube Reborn features that made the tweak so popular with even more additions to your YouTube experience.

RebornAgain is packed with the tweaks iSponsorBlock, YouTube Reborn, Return YouTube Dislikes, YTClassicVideoQuality and uYou straight out the box for an enhanced display of features from all of the most revered developers behind all of your favorite tweaks.

The ONE and ONLY YouTube experience to offer an OLED dark mode as of now.

• Revitalized Dislikes Counter
• YouTube Reborn UI Color changer (Click the OP)
• Set default Video Quality
• Block Premium Alert
• OLED Dark Mode
• Playback Speed Controls
• New swipe gestures
• Remove certain tabs and app elements
• Picture-In-Picture Support
• Download Video and Audio in Up to 4K Resolution
• Background Play
• Classic Video Quality Styled Preferences
• Absolutely No Ads or Sponsors
• No “Video paused. Still watching?” Prompt During Longer Videos
• Custom Double Tap to Seek Times
• Reorder Tabs
• Cleaner Video Suggestions and Even More

• Credit to SarahH12099 for the original YouTubeReborn
• Credit to PoomSmart for YTClassicVideoQuality 1.0.1 and Return YouTube Dislikes 1.6.3-1
• Credit to Galactic-Dev for the original iSponsorBlock and Luewii for his fork
• Credit to MiRO92 for uYou 2.1
• Credit to Al4ise for Azule on iOS
• Credit to u/meghrathod for creating the AltStore repo

Change Log

• The return of the highly requested YouTube dislikes counter! Courtesy of Lillie and her tweak YTDislikesReturn
• YouTube Version 17.06.3


17.06.3 (2.1)

Last Updated

February 27, 2022

RebornAgain for YouTube