Mod DJI Fly

Mod DJI Fly

By DJI (tweaked by gb160)

Install with VIP


Supported DJI Drones
• Mavic Air 2
• Air 2S
• Mini 2
• Mavic Mini

• Unlock full FCC power to increase signal strength and range by around 70%
• Unlock 5.8 GHz band in restricted locations (Russia, Israel etc)
• Optional Weather status alert for your current location
• Optional Fn button override. You can now takeoff and land with a single tap (or double tap) of the Fn button on your controller, making hand launching much less hassle (Not available for Mini 1)
• Optional Auto Phone Charging at a specified level
• Optional Airsense (ADSB) for supported Mavic Air 2 drones (model number ends in ‘3W’)

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Last Updated

August 12, 2021

Mod DJI Fly