Delta Emulator

Delta Emulator

By Riley Testut

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Delta is an iOS application that allows you to emulate and play video games for several classic video game systems, including Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo DS. Delta is the spiritual successor to GBA4iOS — a Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS devices Paul Thorsen and I made while in high school together — rebuilt from the ground up with modern iOS features and support for more systems.

Change Log

• CheatBase (thanks Noah Keck!)
-- View and add all known cheats for supported games
-- Read cheat descriptions, including how to activate them (if needed)
-- Groups cheats by category for easier browsing
-- Limited to DS games for now, but will be expanded in the future

• “Respect Silent Mode” setting
-- When enabled, Delta will only play game audio when your device isn’t muted
-- Automatically mutes game audio if another app is playing audio

• “Contributors” screen
-- See everyone who has contributed to the Delta codebase on GitHub
-- View associated Pull Requests/GitHub repos for contributed features

• Misc
-- Supports controller skins with new `placement` parameter
-- Supports controller skins with custom screens that don’t have explicit `outputFrame`
-- Adds Shane Gill to Credits

• Automatically pauses + resumes emulation when switching between foreground apps with Stage Manager
• Uses modern menu UI when importing games
• Updated icon for "Copy Deep Link" action when sharing a game

• Fixed error sharing games via certain share methods
• Fixed exporting save files for games with names containing special characters
• Fixed potential crash rendering game screen after changing EAGLContext
• Fixed incorrect game screen frame when software keyboard appears on iOS 16
• Fixed software keyboard sometimes appearing when not emulating anything
• Fixed keyboard controller appearing when another controller is active
• Fixed using Xbox controller analog sticks as D-pad inputs
• Fixed remapping analog sticks
• Fixed re-activating held inputs
• Fixed duplicate inputs when re-activating discrete held input
• Fixed incorrect font size for Credits section in Settings



Last Updated

February 28, 2023

Delta Emulator